28 July 2008

patience & survival

well the last 10 days have been interesting!
last tuesday {7.22} andy surprised me with a babysitter and date night to celebrate our anniversary!

after dinner I was on my way to the bathroom and slipped. . . . didn't fall; caught myself but as I slipped I had this cracking, popping in my pelvis...normally; no big deal....37 weeks pregnant....big deal!
I had severely torn a pretty important tendon in my pelvis and was instructed by my doctor...to rest.
So, rest. . . . It prompted some adjustments in our household...Andy took several days off work; and took on both our roles...with fierceness...joyful to have extra time with our kids and not a moment of complaint for the extras that have been asked of him.
My mom has had the kids for the last 2 1/2 days allowing me some much needed r&r; I am so grateful!!!
I have become a permanent addition to our couch...mostly because I can't lay down. . puts to much pressure on my pelvis. Sleep is interesting when you're pregnant....as you enter the third trimester I truly believe God has designed the body to start the conditioning of being up at all hours with a new baby...so several hours of consecutive sleep without aches or a trip to the bathroom is a milestone....pregnant, sleeping semi-upright on a couch has been an adventure. . we'll leave it at that.
I've been equipped with an arsenal of goodies to keep my brain occupied.
these are the things i couldn't have mentally done without these last 10 days
lots of reading.....my bible, pregnancy book, Hollywood gossip mags
great conversations with friends....i am thankful those who have prayed for us, made and sent us meals and for facebook!!!
i've caught up on thank you notes, folded baby laundry, made luggage tags for new baby's bag, and sipped some fab coffee. . .and of course watched plenty of brainless tv
so now what, 2 1/2 weeks from our due date....this mommy is weary; ready to meet our new addition and start the 'recovery' from what we like to call 'the baby hostage'!!!

....this is the part you quickly forget. . .even having had 2 children....THE WAITING.. the unknown. . the anticipation and ache my body feels every day we get closer to the due date..its definitely harder this time. . .
so amidst the inconvenience of all this. . . its been a sweet time of reflection and excitement for what lies ahead....we are taking it one day at time....we've had some good laughs, trying to keep our sense of humor. . . an attribute we most definitely need it in this next season juggling 3 under 3 1/2!!!
I've had a few hormonal teary moments, we've looked back at pictures of Lillian and Liam and are overwhelmed by all that we are thankful for and blessed with!
hope to have some happy baby news to share very soon!


Elizabeth said...

couch mommy...i met with your dad yesterday and found out about the craziness in your world - my goodness! i am praying that sweet baby #3 gets here sooner than later and that you continue to "find joy in suffering"...you're a champ at that! we leave for the beach on sunday but i will call before then to see if i can bring you some lunch or help you out somehow. hugs!

The Rays said...

can't wait to meet baby guthe!! we love you guys!