20 November 2008

oh....cute ones!

sweet lucy just turned 3 months last week!
we couldn't imagine a more chill, happy baby....
who sleeps through all the chaos and noise in our wild house!
this smile was for daddy!

my mom was here today to hang out with the kids for a few hours...
liam boy LOVES being outside...he rolled around in our teeny tiny front yard

playing dressup..again..this time....a ballerina

she put my shoes on and said
'oh look mommy. .. now i'm fancy'

' mommy. . even ballerina's have to go potty'

01 November 2008


sweet big brown eyes!

this past friday andy was off work. . .and Lillian had school, Lucy was napping
andy and I had some uninterrupted time with Liam!!
we played peek-a-boo in and out of a dishwasher card board box
its amazing how the simplest things can sometimes bring the greatest joy!!