24 February 2011

be ready

not sure what to do with this boy! except maybe eat him!!

He comes home from school wiped out on Thursdays!
at 3 1/2 he really doesn't need a nap everyday, its been so beautiful here the last couple of weeks we've been spending hours at the playground!! but about ever 2 days he gets 'nap worthy'!!

today was gymnastics day and he 'jumped on the river' and swung like a monkey
i've gathered that the river is a long trampoline built into the floor, and then they get to swing on a rope and drop into a pit full of foam!!!

something about Liam, he's strong-willed. he is like mold-breakin-wrote-the-book, fight ya til the death strong will when it comes to some things!!
and most days i can handle it....and some i can't!!

but you learn as a mother of 3 all carrying this characteristic, that one day that WILL, will be one of their greatest strengths, its just that parenting through it poses its challenges.

i just have to pick the battles to fight and encourage the will and right to choose when it doesn't pose a life-threatening, starvation or catastrophic consequence

so yes, today was perfect timing... he said he was wearing a daddy shirt and his cowboy boots to bed, i said, 'OK!!'.

these printer drawers were a gift from our gigi! they have finally made their appearance on our wall!!
these have been hanging in our playroom. they have always been liam's i've just not been in a place to trust he wont tear things off the wall until now!!!
i am waiting for inspiration to finish them!
liam boy loves his new bed!!! the bed and ceiling in his room are the same color!!!

scrumptiously six!


she had such a fun day!
dunkin doughnuts with her class
mcdonalds happy meal for lunch
a surprise visit from gaffer & gigi
and dinner with the whole family!!!

this birthday girl went to bed wiped out!!

we did a big party last year, so this was our year to do something chill with one friend!!!
there was no hesitation . . . she screamed, SELA i want SELA to go!!

Sela and Lillian both have February birthdays!!!
she bounced back and forth between bowling, discovery place, and painting pottery!
pottery won out!!!

it was so fun to watch these girls paint!!! so excited to see the final fired cupcake jar!!!
we pick it up tomorrow!!!

my big tiny!
so at 6; we talk about wiggly teeth and argue about what to wear, she already wants to stay up late, she's not ready to have her ears pierced, she loves shoes, she always shares her opinion, she is gentle, she is moody, she is giggly, she loves to make up songs, she loves to paint, she writes her 5's backwards, she loves lipgloss, she rocks a pair of leggings and high-top converse, she wears a cape to the playground, she loves jesus, she loves telling jokes that make no sense, she's ipad savvy, she's still a little afraid of automatic flush pottys, she loves macaroni and cheese, she uses the word 'seriously' all the time, she baby talks to birds outside, she always has painted toenails, she doesn't like meat, she is an amazing big sister and my favorite 6yr old!!

love you lillibug!!! ps, stop growing so fast!

11 February 2011

cowboy up!

my brother Grant's boots from when he was little!!! the tinys LOVE them!! and love to fight over who wears them!!

clearly he was done with the photo session!!!

oh wait


dance with me

she has been looking forward to this day for several weeks.
the 'sweetheart' daddy daughter dance invitation came home from school
and was quickly elevated to front and center status on our fridge!!

today when she bounced off the bus she said; is it time mommy?
can i get ready for my date with daddy?
they go on dates, but the last couple of weeks she has been bursting at the seams for this one!!

so what girl doesn't primp for a date!!
no, i am not encouraging her to date. seriously-side note-we are avid parenthood watchers, you can catch on NBC; and i am gonna have raw knees from prayin thru a house full of teenagers!
help me jesus...
anyway...i really felt like it was so important for her to feel as adorable outside as she is inside!!! so we pulled out all the stops....high pampering!
bubble bath, blow dry, curlers, mani pedi wrapped in a robe!!
she even picked out jewelry...in addition to the ring and bracelet she drew from the treasure box at school!!

i love this girl. i love her excitement and preparation to spend the evening with the man she loves the most! i love what his love does to her heart!!!
she kept trying to figure out who of her friends were gonna be there
i think she was really excited to show off daddy!!

i know they are having an amazing time! the hubs will have to weigh in on his side of the story!
but i will never forget the pure joy in her eyes knowing she had daddy to herself tonight!
sure fills up my cup!!

waiting for the curlers to cool

now waitin for the nails to dry

probably my favorite series of her in a while
except that she looks so grown up already!

so excited for their 'la la' to go on a date with daddy!!

a week from now my sweet lillibug will be 6 whole years old!
next thursday is her birthday! yup, i am in disbelief.