12 August 2008

is THIS it....or is this IT...no maybe now

false labor....a bittersweet torturous event

you'd think by the 3rd baby i KNOW when it was labor.....
only one BIG false alarm...calling in the 'recruits' . . . we've yet to make a trip to the hospital

every book will tell you that each pregnancy & labor is different...and there's no 'recipe' for labor starting

Lillian arrived 13 days past her due date. . . .I was induced....never experienced 'normal' contractions; Liam came on his own.....on his due date... labor started at dinner one night and didn't halt!!!

since this past Thursday every night I've have 2-3+hours of regular contractions....
its a twisted game of guessing, wondering, anticipation and dull pain. . . so the routine ensues....eat something, change positions, take a shower, lay down, drink a bottle of water..sit back down...still contracting??? the motto is if its real...they become longer, stronger, closer together

so now what..its 5:24a.m. I've pretty much been awake all night...I went through the 'routine'. . . . still contracting.....
I've emailed everyone I needed to, searched every possible unnecessary baby item on ebay, caught up on all my facebook and blog stalking, watched non primetime olympics, and tried to rest...impossible

....so I'm blogging....sorry no photos...
hoping that really, maybe this IS it...maybe I'll miss my 9am dr appointment and be visiting with my nurses while enjoying the intoxicating joy of epidural heaven...
that contraction was definitely epidural worthy!!

maybe just maybe this IS it! only one way to find out..hurry up and wait!
{happy baby thoughts}

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