20 October 2008

"birth control"

photos of each baby..in birth order...Lillian, Liam & Lucy


its been one of those days as a parent that you say

' some day i'm gonna look back and laugh about this'

today Liam boy has been sick. . .a touch of 'ed' as we like to call it
e.d. = explosive diarrhea

he's cutting both sets of incisors has been running a low fever and is puky puky!!

poor guy has been so sleepy and clingy all day...lovey in hand following mommie around like a little duckling

birth control comes in lots of different forms...

tonight ours manifested in 3 screaming babies!!

i was doing my mommy-best and trying to get us all to the dinner table at the same time
it was good effort....and laughable

liam was down to his diaper because we'd already had a puking episode in the kitchen, lillian was at the dinner table in the middle of a drama fit because she didn't have
honey mustard 'dippies' for her chicken nuggets

and lucy was waking up from a nap, ready to eat!. .

forget the fact that andy and I's dinner was on the stove, mid-process,
and quickly thrown into a holding pattern!

andy and i exchanged a look. . we can survive this....right?!

i grabbed lucy...did the baby bounce while i cohearsed lillian to eat something..anything off her plate...i hear liam gagging in his highchair...andy's standing at the kitchen sink...and leans over, catching liam's puke in a tupperware container....way to go daddy!!!

45 minutes later....all babies bathed and in bed!

andy and I exchanged another look..and not the one you might think {wink}

it was part pure exhaustion, part elation..we did it...they are all in bed...!

whew what a night

so i leaned into hug him and started to laugh...

'um babe, you smell a little bit like puke'....

we love our babies...and all that comes with them
even on days like this we are so grateful for the craziness of our tinys!!
i couldn't imagine a sweeter time..well, a little less poo and puke would do!!
this too shall pass!

13 October 2008


Lucy is 2 months old!!
we're coming out of the baby fog a bit!
beginning to feel a little like ourselves again. .
its amazing what a few nights of good sleep will do for a couple of tired parents!

Lucy had her 2 month check up today. .
she weighs 12lb 11 oz; she's gained 4lbs 7oz since she was born!!
The chub has arrived!
i love how squishy fat our babies get. . and fast!

the smiles and sweet baby noises make us so excited that
we're getting to know our sweet new little 'birdie'

my sweet lillibug who loves her baby sister

this smile was for daddy

Liam boy was sleeping when I snapped these photos. . .
so we didn't leave him out on purpose....
Andy left for Chicago today. .{deep breath}
he'll be gone until Thursday around dinner so if you come by and find me
in a straight jacket you'll know why!
we'll be keeping busy. . hopefully keeping our car trips anywhere to a minimum ..
Lucy still absolutely HATES her carseat. .
so even the tinyest of outings will make you were deaf!
we're hoping she out grows it in the next month!!