15 September 2009


happy birthday ANDREW!
he turned 31 on the 20th of august!
we spent the day as a family :: just being us

so many reasons to celebrate him!
I have been lucky enough to celebrate 10 birthdays with him!!
oh how life has changed in 10 years...
from college kids sitting on the beach contemplating marriage to juggling our own kids absorbing life!

With the passing of each birthday I am overwhelmed at God's provision and love and the gift he is in my life; now our lives. I have watched Jesus move in his heart, I have watched him have a passion for people and ministry and be used for the kingdom. I have watched his heart melt over the arrival of three tinys. I have watched him be unconditional, selfless, and unwavering; offering gentleness and compassion when its most difficult. I wake every morning feeling like I am the luckiest! I watch him love on our tinys, give of himself, point our faces toward christ, and trust Him in our leadings :: my heart is blessed and changed eternally!
cheers to you love. cheers to another ten on this journey . i pray god gives us a lifetime to celebrate, absorb and experience all He has for us!

foosey on daddy's shoulders :: picnic at lake norman, jetton park

who can resist the lake

i love the joy on lillibug's face :: looking at her daddy

amazing when i can catch everyone in one shot :: rare