30 May 2009


so our first blog post in almost three months
we'll start with a riddle
ever played the game mad gab
try this one . . say it slowly
burr day potty
get it?
this is how a two yr old says
today is his burr-day potty . . birthday party
today was Liam's 2nd BIRTHDAY!!
Laughter is the best for everything!!
today . . we laughed at how fast the last two years have evaporated
that we seriously have three children!!! and what joy(and chaos-crazies) they bring to our life
kids make some (i won't say most) things more fun
maybe that's not the way to say it. . . ha
seeing life experienced through your kids eyes makes our life more fun!! there . .

so for liam's burr-day-potty we took a trip to the Columbia Zoo!
(hopefully the next ump-teen photos will make up for the last 3 months)

"mommy" (on the tip of his tongue)
which really means. . pick me up

this is one if the first photos of him that we actually 'see' andy in his face!!

characteristically liam boy, thumb in as a result of lovey in left hand!!

and this is characteristcally lillibug! love the sillys!
we were seeing how many silly faces we could make while waiting in line for a pony ride!

liam affectionately calls our newest additon
'foosy' hung out in the stroller. . . said hello between her naps!

seriously how are these so presh!! fat tiny feet

lucy wasn't playin . . she took it on with ferocity!
and ate the entire thing!

a sweet end to a day celebrating our liam boy!
he has a special request to sing twinkle twinkle little star every night
then you ask him to pray . . and in his tiny hoarse voice tonight he says
"jesus . . . tea two fa day, mommy, daddy,
foosy, willwi, beawa, boons
mimals, foo, me-na, a burr-day-potty, A-men'
love you presh boy!
as a mommy, i am without words to describe
this tiny-little-big man who has my heart walking outside my body