21 July 2008

7 years!

July 21, 2001
toes in the sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida!

our 5th anniversary trip to montana september 2005!
glacier national park 12 mile hike. . .on 30 degree snowy day {didn't know we were already pregnat with Liam}
lovey kisses in front of cinderella's castle {may 2008}

how time flies! 7 years...what in the world!
I coudn't be more blessed!
we were married at 4pm on July 21, 2001, in a church 1 block from the beach in Ponte Vedra!!
It was an unseasonably cool day for Florida in July.
It may have been one of the most amazing week of our lives. Several days prior to our wedding friends and family flew in from all over the country to celebrate with us. our week was filled with beach volleyball, shirmp boils, wedding showers......it was one amazing moment to another.
as I think back over the last 7 years, the life changes and abundance of blessings God has allowed I am overwhelmed.... Overwhelmed at God's provision, his gentle promptings and allowance of grace, wisdom, and understanding to trust Jesus every step of the way.
we were talking last night about all that has changed in life since our wedding......
  • married july 21, 2001
  • honeymooned in cabo san lucas, mexico!
  • moved to charlotte, nc in a shoebox apartment!
  • andy started graduate school at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
  • arin works full time
  • we share a 1992 saturn for 18 months
  • we bought our first car
  • we got a dog
  • andy gets his masters
  • we get pregnant with guthe baby #1
  • the saturn dies. . . "oscar" lives {car #2}
  • we built a house in huntersville, nc
  • andy starts working for Forest Hill Church
  • Lillian Drew was born Feb 17, 2005
  • arin quit her job to be full time mommy
  • arin started a stationery business
  • we traded in our jetta for a passat
  • we get pregnant with guthe baby #2
  • we went to montana to celebrate 5 years
  • Liam Jennings was born May 30th, 2007
  • we get pregnant with guthe baby #3
  • we realize we need a bigger car
Andrew, {my public shout-out to you}
I am so grateful for you, for your friendship and unconditional love. I am so blessed to be your wife!! You are an amazing father to our soon to be '3' babies. . . I am thankful for the daily blessing you are in my life; that you cause my heart to love Jesus deeper. I am thankful for your gentle strength and quiet humility.
Its exciting for me to think about what the next 7 years hold. . .

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