15 July 2008

fun surprise

this weekend we had the usual planned . . . hang out as a family, get a few things accomplished for new baby, fold some laundry, a dip in the pool, sunday morning pancake breakfast.....

but on saturday around dinner time lillibug and I were making some pita chips and the phone rang...it was Lilli's 'Gigi' {andy's mom} she asked for Lilli. . .

we could hear her saying 'i miss your sweet face lillibug. . I would love to see you soon'
not even 2 seconds later we watched as they pulled up in front of our house!!!!
were so surprised and excited to see them!!!!

Phil surprised Terrye for their 33rd anniversary and told her to pack a bag they were coming across the mountains to see 'Lillibug' and 'Liam boy'. . . they came bearing gifts as most grand-parents do . . Liam was given a brio train set that will be the perfect addition to his 'big boy room'!!!
we had a blast catching up with them, watching them love on our babies and are excited to have them come back and welcome baby #3. . . hopefully very soon!

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