18 February 2010

five reasons i love you to the moon and back

number one :: you are you
number two :: you are mine
number three :: you are HIS
number four :: you were my first reason to fall in love with mommy-hood
number five :: you are heaven sent in all your presh girly-ness, tea party havin, dancin, smilin, joyful, tender-hearted, jesus-lovein self
happy 5th birthday lillibug
love you

12 February 2010

he stayed a good 20 steps ahead of us!

our tiny (not so) tiny boy
he's hardly still long enough to catch a glimpse of his big brown eyes!

recently he's started talking about himself in third person, and matched with his raspy little voice, its hard to not smile, no matter the request!
his curiosity is mischievous
his laughter is infectious
his energy is unmatched
his heart is gentle
love, love, love this boy!

11 February 2010

i love you like i love ice cream with sprinkles!!!

the bean+the bug=best friends
melt your heart right outta your chest

taking every moment captive!!!
we played dress-up+make-up and filmed two music videos, which of course wasn't complete without a photo shoot and a tea party!

for the utter cuteness and genuine unconditional love of this friendship between two tiny girls
love you presh ones