02 July 2008

blood. sweat & gears {part 2}

saturday. june 28th was race day. . . !

the race started and finished at Valle Crucis elementary school start time was 730am. . . . 100 miles. . . a cumulative climbing elevation of 13,000+ feet. . . 750 riders

we got to the finish line at the 5hour mark. . weren't sure when andy would finish. . but we wanted to see the first riders cross the line!!! liam wasn't quite sure what was going on. . . why we were all cheering the riders through the finish line. . . everybody seemed to look the same. . the look says it all!

'taylor man' takin it all in

so around the 7 hour mark we spotted him. . . headed to the finish line!!!
lillibug started yelling. . .'there's my daddy'......!!!!
daddy was greeted by lillibug! we were so proud of him for finishing!
around mile 53 andy crashed. . . . .a bit of road rash and shaken spirit. . thankfully nothing too serious to him or the bike {who's yet to be named}! every time I looked at the clock that morning I was praying for his safety! lillibug was extremely concerned for daddy's 'boo-boo' from his crash. . he got off his bike and layed in the shade after the finish line. . and lillibug got this concerned; sad look on her face and said. . 'daddy it was ok to cry about your boo-boo. . . he said 'oh lillibug daddy did cry a little bit' . . its really the first time she's ever seen him hurt in anyway and i think it frightened her . . .
the next day lilli was still sympathetic for andy's crash. . she said. . . . . 'daddy, im really sorry about your boo-boo; but i told you to be careful when your racing your bicycle'. . . .
hopefully it was a weekend that we'll repeat.. it was a blast to cheer him on!

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