11 April 2010

highly favored

"Greetings, you who are highly favored!
The Lord is with you." luke 1:27

this week we were poured out upon!!
we were gifted several days and nights
at a friends beach house just north of wilmington
thus far :: our greatest family getaway!

it was a spontaneous trip :: and in this stage, for us,
the unexpected and unplanned result in the greatest reward!!

sweet lillibug :: my beach lover

sweet buddies :: when they aren't tackling each other
having a conversation about the shells

couldn't resist the tiny baby bum

tiny's fat sandy baby toes

attack of the penne pasta & marinara

they shared a room all week :: he kept calling her 'my lillibug'

we are so grateful for any chance to escape our normal routine
so this one being so unexpected made each moment that much sweeter

06 April 2010

miniature man

liam havin an icecream cupcake :: and yes, he's wearing a beaded necklace :: don't judge
he's all boy, unmistakably

gave him a haircut the next morning :: only way we could get him to sit still was that i told him i was going to give him Goliath hair(whatever that is)!!
this everywhere miniature man is such a blast :: he adds a bit of spunk to every outing!

04 April 2010

sweet smiler

my sweet lillibug
had fun at the easter egg hunt, but loved swingin from the tree!

03 April 2010

tiny's quest :: for easter eggs

cupcakes baked in an icecream cone :: thanks to yaya

she took this very seriously!!!