07 September 2011

the pounding

so this isn't a fun, full of photos blog post....

this summer was really stressful to say the least. lots of change, possible change, curiosity, wonder, moments of crazed(hormonal)(pregnant) tearful conversations, then peace would settle, then we'd cycle back thru everything.....still leaving me hormonal and pregnant as we enter fall but more balanced in my expectations.

would love to know why it always comes back to that. i will speak for myself, but the roughest moments in my day or week are when i thought it was 'just supposed to be different'. there are no set rules or lists to follow, no one coming behind me to check my work, no demerit if i get it wrong, i say i have grace to fail, but do i really?

if you're a close friend then in the last year i am sure i have turned your ear about our dinner-time struggles...mostly with Liam. At one stage or another, no particular time or season the tinys LOVE to protest food. so we've gotten creative. blog post to follow on how!! but its beginning to change and even though they don't know it; we're winning, peace is slowly creeping back around our dinner table! :: well, let's be honest, a reasonable amount of peace that's possible with 3 tinys 6 1/2 and under...and a pregnant mama!!!

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