07 September 2011

Lucy's bday!!! 3yrs old!!

these eyes are so full of life.
i will never forget the nurse saying the moment she was born how amazing her eyes were. curious and serious and sensitive.

It's been a surprise to us as to how young, 3yrs old feels.

i remember with Lillian, 3 felt so grown up. but when there are two tinys in front of her you realize how full of baby she still is.

Lucy has this still small, sweet voice that somehow over the next year will start to sound more big-girl. she still says words wrong and calls her brother 'Mi-um'. she has the loudest cry that our neighbors get to hear from the top step of our front porch.
there is no leavin this one behind. she is a typical third in that she has no fear. jumps in, all out! she wants to be in on what's happening.
she breaks the mold with the laid-back tendency of a third....i am sure most of that has to do with a brother that's only 14 1/2 months older than her....

she gets us laughing at the dinner table. from crazy eyes to the random quotables!
last night it was that God was speaking to her, saying 'I love you Lucy!' we asked what else he said ..."he wants some ice cream!"
today it was that she had bees in her stomach.

i love that she still sucks her thumb, has a shredded 'silky' that goes everywhere with us, and loves her babydoll to bits!!

there are sweet distinctive personalities between all the tinys, but they are also so similar.
they share passion and strong will which i will continue to say is a God-given strength. It is a challenge to parent thru and direct, but we know that it will add to who they are being shaped into and be one of their greatest qualities!!

Lucy's not going to school this fall . . . 7 or so weeks from now she will be my biggest helper when her baby sister arrives! All other tinys have been home with a sibling and we couldn't be more excited about her sharing this!

her birthday this year was really simple. no big party. just family. we were blessed

lillian and liam started this thing at the beginning of this summer where she sits on the back of his big wheel as he tears down the street, of course he spins out and sees if he can throw her off!!

sweet lillibug .
its such a blessing to watch my girls together. i didn't grow up with a sister...so i really never thought i would have more than one girl..weird..i know...but i just thought i would have one, then a couple of boys...well, nope.

come late october we'll have 3 girls and one lone wolf...
i have loved a front row seat to their relationship. the distance between all 3 of them will almost be exactly the same. help.me.jesus when they are all teenagers...we are already having drama-fest arguments over clothes, hair and shoes...

lucy and her new pink tricycle!!!!

cupcake face!!!

these two are already asking when baby sister can start sharing a room with them...i am quick to remind them that babies cry a lot...nevermind that she's also not here yet!!

andy's mom and dad came for the weekend to celebrate tiny's bday! and we went to jetton park while we had an afternoon house showing.....
my little explorer. with a girl first, the whole boy thing is like having another first child. there is so much that's different. not a whole lot of sitting..a lot of jumping, bouncing, running, chasing, wrestling and curiosity. learning to encourage and trust and let go while not 'hovering' or 'helicoptering' is a delicate balance...especially around water!!

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