07 September 2011

full circle!

i know that every year they start school will feel like another huge milestone.
and i will cry. its that slow release of the 'faux' control i think i have...
its the baby steps of letting go and fully trusting God's got their back, and mine!
I am grateful i don't have to send her to college yet..or marry her off yet. that we are still considered 'new' at this. we really only have 6 1/2 years at this parenting gig....

our greatest challenge in parenting lately, well besides being insanely outnumbered, is having 3, while close together; in totally different emotional, physical developmental stages. while most of our 'physical' parenting years are behind us with Lillian...we have stepped full on into our 'emotional' phase of parenting her. still allowing her moments of safe reliance on us while beginning to figure out who she is on her own, asserting her independence, making decisions, trusting herself all while helping guide and shape her heart! i am convinced that we'll look back on the first handful of years as 'easy' compared to what lies ahead in helping our tiny's hearts navigate a crazy world.

she rides the bus home from school every day!! which has been so fun to watch her blond self bounce down the sidewalk towards us! so far we've had a great start to the year!!

watching our biggest girl head off for first grade allowed me a full circle life moment.
one i felt old.
like where has it gone?
i remember first grade...
how can i be married 10yrs and expecting our 4th baby...and those who've paved the way before us in this journey say...just hold tight....it only starts to go by faster.

for now, i am hitting pause. on this sweet face!!

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