07 September 2011

big(ger) stuff

Liam boy started school today!!

In the spring we were registered for one school..then thinking we were moving i pulled his application...well, we're still here.

so about a month ago i took a gamble and called a new preschool to see if there were any openings.....i was so surprised and grateful there was room!!

its a little bit of a different environment, still lots of fun and learning, a little more jesus and structure that I think will be great to get him prepared for Kindergarten next year (sniff).

he's only going 3 days this year, which i am really excited about...Lillian went 3 days the year before she started K. and in hindsight i am SO glad. her transition to 5 full days away was really hard last year. I am glad we had those extra days each week. its a HUGE jump to their time away . . and has flown by. and Liam is so genuinely excited about our being around when baby sister arrives!!

we are entering a really amazing stage with Liam...4yrs old is so much fun! our tinys are a bit crazy from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2; full of drama and intensity and passion. Its not that it dissipates when we cross the 3 1/2yr threshold...they are just better equipped to mange their ferocity!

i love this boy. i love his intensity and confidence in all his 4 yr old self. he's become quite the train-lover lately. he still wants to be a garbage man...but says he will take his trains to work with him. he told me a few weeks ago that when he grew up to be a garbage man he would stop by and pick up my trash and come in for lunch...and we would have peanut butter... i said that would be perfect!!

he was so proud of his new 'pack-pack' that his yaya bought him...

i was worried about how tiny would do today without Liam around...at his teacher meet and greet she pretty much waved good-bye...but she actually was great...she keeps talking about how she is gonna be helping with our new baby!!

love this boy and all his 'little-man-ness'.

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