30 May 2011

change :: full of surprises!!

Take into account the amount of fluctuation life has had the last several months :: you'll forgive no new blog posts!! and forgive only a photo on this one. i will catch up on each tiny in future posts!!

since Lillian's 6th birthday this past February we found out we were expecting TINY #4, not even 12 hours later Andy was offered a campus pastor role with our church which inevitably means a move. we looked at each other and took a deep breath . . while each thing is an amazing blessing we felt as though we needed to have a helmet on, anticipating being shot straight out of cannon at 100+mph. no looking back.

We've been prayerful about adding to our family for the last 2+ years. There we moments when it was no, then yes, then no way, then absolutely; how could we not. The amazing part to me was God's total control and orchestration of our conversations; we were ALWAYS on the same page. Clearly the answer ended being yes, that we were peaceful and excited about the possibility of another tiny!
We are due late October 2011!!!

The job change is another answer to prayer. Being in full time ministry is a daily blessing for us; but it is also a daily challenge. To honor God in all you do, in work and life is a passionate pursuit with us sitting at the foot of the cross. There are sweet amazing moments where you feel God pouring out His favor; and moments of silence, where you cannot ignore his presence but feel alone. Long periods of waiting, and trusting, sharpening those deep parts of your soul and strengthening our faith.

means we will be moving just about 40 miles south of where we live now. Our house has been on the market almost 70 days. The stress of keeping it clean with 3 tinys, a dog, a tiny on the way, school year finishing up.....I don't even know where to start with how difficult its been.

The depth of trust and faith this has beckoned from me to really believe it will all fall into place has been a more difficult challenge than I expected. It has shown me areas of sin and prompted confession of my desire for control. I have great days, then terrible ones. I wake each morning more and more grateful that HIS mercies are new each day! another opportunity to trust in crazy circumstances for HIM to show himself faithful!

I wake expectant that He is the one leading us. HE has orchestrated all this. HE knows we have a baby on the way, and a child entering 1st grade, and that i am a crazy hormonal nesting mess!! HE knows all that, HE has ALWAYS known all that and knows the outcome!!! so, in our daily tornado of chaos, I am peaceful. I am trusting. and I am constantly confessing when that bit of anxiousness creeps in!

updated posts about 3 tinys & liam boys bday coming!!!

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Elizabeth said...

loved hearing these words of faith and surrender from you...REALLY love being on this journey of life with you...thx for being a rock for me even when there are days your world feels like it's starting to crumble...xoxo