30 May 2011


happy 4th birthday LIAM boy!!!!

my first glimpse of this boy :: I never imagined how many times my heart would melt, how hard i would laugh, how much i would feel like i am fighting my self in a tiny version, how much i would wonder if we were parenting right, how many tears i would shed and how hard i would pray for your him. . . in just 4 years! only a preview of what i am sure to come as we watch God shape this little man!!

There is something about the arrival of our tiny#2. I was more calm. anticipating sniffing and snuggling and kissing this boys face off! It was gonna be different. It was a BOY! our first was a girl. I was nervous, what do you do with a boy? would I love him the same? how was I gonna juggle two tinys? :: all totally normal 2nd time mommy thoughts. but pointless worry.

there is something supernatural when it comes to the capacity to love another baby, exactly the same, but different! There is so much that Liam has added to our family! I can't imagine not having the rowdy wild boy nature a part of our every day life.

Liam, at 4
I love how intense and fierce you are!
I love that this passion is something God has gifted you!
I love that there is never a question on how you feel about something, from your passionate expression of opinion to the gentleness your show with your sisters!!
I love that in that fierce spirit you are equally as tender hearted.
i love that you want to be a garbage man when you grow up.
I love that you can rock a pony tail!
i love how excited you are that we have another tiny on the way; and that you ask everyday if we can go get our baby!!
today; i loved the expression on your face as you opened your very own garbage truck!!!
i love the tenderness in your eyes right before you fall asleep, and ask if jesus wants to get out
of your heart so he could go down the slide at the pool!!
(You ask him where Jesus lives, he points to his armpit!! really i think he's just confused on where his heart is!!)
i love most that you know how loved you are!!!

looking for approval to commence the present opening!!

rockin a new pair of specs (thanks gaffer & gigi)

it was a special day. gaffter & gigi were here to celebrate, yaya and roo were here to celebrate . . big sister lillian said today it was the best day of her life...then she said, no, the 2nd best, the first was going to Disney...but this was a very close 2nd! From waking up with balloons all over our living room, to HUGE marshmallows with a candle in it to sing brother happy birthday, to lunch at our favorite cheeseburger spot, to the pool, another marshmallow.....my mommy cup was full today watching Lillian celebrate her sweet brother and her excitement for his birthday!

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Grant "moose" Haun said...

This made me cry. Love it! Happy to be an uncle to some amazing kids. Monster heads and all...