30 May 2011

spring has gone!

House on the market, school programs, soccer, a train ride, libraries, playgrounds....
it was a fun start to spring!! which clearly with 90+ degree weather has come and gone already!

Lillian is finishing kindergarten.
its been a fun year!!! i will be retiring my no-really-i-can-do-it-all Cape in a couple weeks as i surrender my duties as room mom to the next naive soul that walks into that classroom!! wow.

what an undertaking. i'm the first to say i have to work really really hard to be organized. its not something that just flows naturally for me. i need tools. like lots of them. and sticky notes to keep things 'fresh' on the brain!
Its something i have always felt has been a short-coming; blame it on the artist in me or the lazy. I just don't do organization well. most things never get put in the same place more than twice. i horizontally file. its really ok. i can function. there is a rhythm and routine to our life that allows me the freedom and grace to not drive myself bonkers at not mastering organization.
i am a mess. its ok. just as long as the mess gets hidden a little when potential buyer walk thru our house!!!

hard to believe she goes into 1st grade in the fall!!!

lost tooth #2 today!!!!

sweet bff the bean!! came for a quick visit! i can't handle how big they are!!!

with some new digs!

the foose and her puppy!! on the light rail headed uptown!!
Lucy is recently attached to 'puppy'. he actually is on loan from big sister . . a treasure from her disney trip! we don't go anywhere without puppy. i have to sneak him out of bed at night to wash him. i love this stage with her, especially around Lillian and Liam she just seems so small and still 'baby' to me. yet i know at this stage Lillian felt so grown up!!

we're in the midst of our lovely approaching 3s. a rough spot for the tinys. history serves as a great reminder having experienced two already through this stage. thankfully third time around you find a little more humor in the drama filled meltdowns..
we're a bit attached to the movie Tangled, and in the heat of the moment when she doesn't get what she wants lately, she tells me to go away, that this is her tower!! yeah, good one!

Liam was just a little excited to ride the light rail!!
he hasn't really stopped talking about the 'subway' train that took us to have ice cream!!!

outside imaginon uptown!

liam's best pirate impression!!

we did a soccer clinic with the Y. liam loved it. the coach was amazing!!

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jessica said...

precious tinys! i love their expressions. and liam's bandana and crazy hair remind me of Grant!