24 February 2011

be ready

not sure what to do with this boy! except maybe eat him!!

He comes home from school wiped out on Thursdays!
at 3 1/2 he really doesn't need a nap everyday, its been so beautiful here the last couple of weeks we've been spending hours at the playground!! but about ever 2 days he gets 'nap worthy'!!

today was gymnastics day and he 'jumped on the river' and swung like a monkey
i've gathered that the river is a long trampoline built into the floor, and then they get to swing on a rope and drop into a pit full of foam!!!

something about Liam, he's strong-willed. he is like mold-breakin-wrote-the-book, fight ya til the death strong will when it comes to some things!!
and most days i can handle it....and some i can't!!

but you learn as a mother of 3 all carrying this characteristic, that one day that WILL, will be one of their greatest strengths, its just that parenting through it poses its challenges.

i just have to pick the battles to fight and encourage the will and right to choose when it doesn't pose a life-threatening, starvation or catastrophic consequence

so yes, today was perfect timing... he said he was wearing a daddy shirt and his cowboy boots to bed, i said, 'OK!!'.

these printer drawers were a gift from our gigi! they have finally made their appearance on our wall!!
these have been hanging in our playroom. they have always been liam's i've just not been in a place to trust he wont tear things off the wall until now!!!
i am waiting for inspiration to finish them!
liam boy loves his new bed!!! the bed and ceiling in his room are the same color!!!

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