18 August 2008

so in love

the last several days have been such a sweet blessing!
a slice outside of reality. . . in so many ways!
snuggling a new baby....{at all hours}
watching lillian and liam love on lucy
us being loved on by friends and family...
a play in the sprinkler!!!

our first shot of the 3 guthe babies....we sang happy birthday to Lucy with a mini cupcake!

Liam's first glimpse of Lucy!


The Andersons said...

Those pics are adorable! What a cute family you have.

The Rays said...

what a great post! i love the pictures of lil with baby lucy. so sweet!! i can't wait for emma and lucy to play together.

notes from em said...

so sweet! such great photos
happy family to you all.

Elizabeth said...

my lucy has that same cute little pink star dress...i'm thinking - photo op!!