19 August 2008

one week

Lucy McKenna Guthe our sweet 3rd addition is a week old today!
Oh how time flies...one week pregnant approaching our due date seemed like eternity....a week with a new baby has evaporated before our eyes!
Our days have been the definition of crazy! sleep deprived and bouncing from feeding one little hungry birdie to the next one...then diaper changes for the youngest 2. . . outfit changes by 'princess' lilli {at least 5-6 a day; usually involves at least 3 princess dresses} then repeat!
I finally had 2 seconds today to snap some photos. {my mom is here chasing Liam}
I've had some mommy-guilt of not catching more 'moments'. . I know right...we're in a no mommy-guilt-allowed zone. . . nonetheless life is happening before our eyes...!!!
so I made the most of about 20 minutes and shot around 175 photos...here's a sampling {smile}

my sweet babies!


Amber Sloan said...

Sooo sweet! What beautiful babies you have. Oh, and tell your hubbie welcome to the "30's" club!

Lauren said...

i think lilli is going to have a mini-me. lucy is precious! you guys make some pretty babies!

Purifoy Family said...

She's precious (as are your others!). Hope you are adjusting to life with 3.