02 June 2008

'you might be a redneck if'

liam got a pool for his birthday from my parents. yes we have a neighborhood pool and yes its open, but this preggers mama can't handle more than an hour in the sun....with juggling act of 2 kiddos alone at the pool.. . so 'our' pool has been a fantastic 'addition' to our 'back area'. . . {not quite big enough to be called a yard}

well, if you've ever been to our house you know how 'cozy' we are with our neighbors. . its a traditional neighborhood with alleyways in the back for a garage.....we don't have a garage; we have a 'parking pad'.

so, sunday was a beautiful day. . the kiddos were restless, andy was on a bike ride...and i thought hey, lets fill up the pool. so i hooked up the hose and and begun filling.....on the parking pad of course. . . the little bit of grass we do have back there is quite sacred.....

about 10 minutes into my kids romping in the pool i had this funny thought...THIS IS SO REDNECK!!! here i am standing here in a strapless dress {tent}, pasty white, too pregnant to paint the toenails on my barefeet....with a pool on my 'parking pad'. . . lilli then asks if she can pee in the grass....i contemplate it....looking around . . . can i really be THAT mom. . i had to laugh and found the humor in the moment....

1 comment:

andreak said...

first of all....
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE that you have a family blog!
now i can get my guthe fix.

but, i must admit...this is HILARIOUS! seriously. too funny.
i think it's the peeing on the grass question that just slammed it home.