02 June 2008

10 WEEKS to go

10 weeks to go.

its starting to seem a bit surreal that we're getting ready to welcome our 3rd addition. we have a dr appointment this coming thursday. . . there is talk that my due date might move up!! {not something this expectant mother likes to hear. . . gives false hope. . those last several weeks the waiting is hard enough}

our last 4 appointments I've measured 2-3 weeks ahead; and the baby measured ahead at our last ultrasound. . .meaning several different things.
3 pregnancies close together; the way i'm carrying; or my least fav....a big baby...!

. . .we have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. . . we'll be 2 months out. . and have real conversations about whether or not the due date stays at the 3rd week of august!

andy and i said tonight that we might want to actually start thinking about names seriously and getting liam's room ready so we can think about the nursery again!!!

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Mommy and Daddy said...

thinking of you guthes!!! big babies are not so bad!! bryce measured 3-4 weeks ahead from the 10 week ultrasound until birth. he was born five days early at 10 lbs!! more to love!! -the dillards