13 June 2008

'dog days' of summer

The last couple of weeks it has been SO hot in charlotte. . .
we've been doing our best to be creative indoors
. . . .our lillibug LOVES to paint!!! several times a week when i get out my stuff to paint. . she insists on joining me!! mostly its been watercolors. . . but she's recently gotten into 'princess stencils'! its so fun to see her concentrate and watch her little creative mind at work. she sits with paintbrush in hand and tells me stories about disney world and how she can't wait to go back when our new baby gets to be her age! there are some priceless moments that she and i have shared that this mommy won't ever forget!
...our living room has also become a 'jungle gym'. much cooler than the neighborhood playground. its become a part of the evening routine. . dinner, play the pick up game and then fill the living room with any available pillow we can find! Liam laughs hysterically. . climbing to the top of the 'pillow pile' and steam rolling down!!
he is officially walking. . from one of the house to the other. . . has recently figured out how to open doors {oh boy}

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Elizabeth said...

such an artist! i love it...can i come play at your house???