18 June 2008

'best friends'

friendship is such a precious gift!!!
andy and i have been so richly blessed with amazing friendships.
each season of life so far. . . God has brought vital frienships across our path. daily we are thankful for the friends we share life with!!

To watch the genuine love and friendship between two 3yr old girls is such a treat to have a front seat to!!

Elle and Lilli. .

'the bean' and 'the bug'. . i can't imagine two little girls having more fun together.

they have spent almost every day together this week. . . yesterday and today sharon {elle's mom} has picked up lilli at 930 for a 'free' movie at a local movie theatre. .. i packed popcorn and juice boxes.. . they disappear until noon. . .

sharon got the mommy award and took the girls to the pool for 4 hours this afternoon!!!!. . . while i was at home with liam boy. . who was napping MOST of that time!!

the bean was here tonight .. . sharon and i were laughing. . . wondering if they'd pass out in their dinner. . but they were more concerned about who was which princess. . .. than sleeping!
I watched as they layed on the couch. . each with silky in hand. . singing wonder pets. . .and giggling playing footsie. . . completely amazed at the amount of engery they still had. .

oh to be 3 and play all day with your best friend in the whole wide world!!

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