08 February 2012

my so called 'instagram' life

so a couple posts ago i admitted i had a problem. . . . with instagram.
i take on average 9 photos a day..sometimes more. if you follow me on instagram you're annoyed.
but i don't take them for you. i take them for me.
i explained it in this post. but today i am struck by how it catalogs my day with my tinys.

today was a tough one.
i have anticipated it for a few weeks.
i don't love being alone.
its not a place i tend to choose to be.
i do enjoy it a little more in this season of life just due to the chaos and noise around me most of the day. but its not something i seek out.

andy left insanely early this morning for a leadership conference for several days.
its my first time really juggling multiple days & evenings without assistance since we added a tiny.

i . am . beat .

today included lots of meals, snacks, bottles & diapers (business as usual)
a dr appt for 2, again
4 total school drop offs & pickups
1 venti starbucks
3 breathing treatments for youngest tiny on the mend from rsv
mommy finally eating lunch at 3pm
homework & spelling words
playground time
2 trips to target
1 devotional
1 frozen pizza
unattended laundry (nothing new)
piles of dishes (again, more of the same)

tomorrow is much of the same, minus a preschool drop off and pick up - - add trader joes run!
think we'll be layin low. still boycotting laundry & dishes and saying yes to pajamas and coffee!!

but back to really why i started this post.
what i realized as i scrolled back through today's photos.

i remember Lucy asking "Mommy, is the sky dripping?" as she felt a raindrop

i remember the warmth of the coffee in my hand and the steam hitting my face, a sweet reminder that i was sipping reward, and i could make it through the day

i remember Lucy naming our lady bug 'Trudy' and petting it, until it crawled up the arm of her jacket and she screamed...i laughed, she scowled, i apologized cause she thought i was making fun of her.

i remember my chubby faced baby smiling even though she didn't feel great.

i remember how my day started with 3 curly head at my breakfast table and Lillian squealing because she was about to loose a tooth...

we romped on the playground..well, they did, i froze, london screamed.
but i loved watching them play with each other.

and the pay phone....walking out of target...for the 2nd time. Liam says "what's that, mommy?"
having to explain to my children that the world hasn't always had iphones.

so around our dinner table tonight we talking about our favorite part of the day.
lillian's was loosing her tooth,
lucy's was going to target with me and london and back with all tinys + mommy
liam's was the playground and sword fighting
mine, listening to them intently listen to one another....and starbucks

we had a discussion about the tooth fairy.
who she is, how long she has til she pays up, her creepy hands (weird, not sure where they got that), that she probably lives in antarctica, but liam said she's moving here soon. how much money she brings and if her wings are sharp.

lately after prayers, hugs, kisses and our devotion on my way down the stairs i get a 'happy holidays'
i laugh every time.

i will miss the crazy some day. i actually secretly love the constant motion we make.
there are plenty of moments of apologies and bad attitudes and mending hearts for rude, bad, selfish, impatient behavior and melt downs on ALL our parts. but.....
thanks to instagram i've caught split second moments within the wonderful mess of our everyday life!


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elizabeth said...

love : )
{and by the way...my lucy found a ladybug last week and named it lillie...she screamed when it flew away because she thought it was coming home with us forever}