24 January 2012

warm fuzzies

one word :: instagram. 

hello, my name is mommy, and i'm addicted. 

not sure who said it, but they were right; the best camera you have is the one on you. 

i have so many crazy moments throughout the day. 
moments filled with giggles and sweet fresh tiny smiles, but more moments filled with drama, meltdowns, spills, bumps, reconciliation, tears, puzzles, piles of mess, dishes, ignored laundry, tiny plastic dinosaurs, trains, scrambled eggs, 2nd breakfast, dried playdough, and on.

so i pay homage to the most wonderful free iphone app that has granted me this sweet window into my world of tinys . and on those days when i feel like i just might not make it past the 430pm meltdown, i have instagram. go ahead, judge me....
i have a way to look back at sweet grace-filled full-of-life moments caught in a split second.
it reminds me that, the crazy passes, the meltdowns mend, the mess will always exist, but its ok to just soak it in!
and don't we always look back on photos with nostalgia, with warm fuzzies about how sweet it was?
so i am banking on not remembering the crazy straight-jacket moments and am excited that i have hundreds of warm fuzzy moments amidst the chaos!!!

back in november we took a saturday and had a day campout! 
complete with a hammock, marshmallows, hot chocolate, cheetos & hotdogs! sounds healthy. 
we've decided it has to be a new tradition. the tinys : had a blast. 

 daddy teaching fire building skills!!!

 this fresh one was just barely 3 weeks : bundled up!

a still moment. this was minutes after one tiny got kicked in the face from wrestling in the hammock.

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