24 January 2012

3 months

our freshest tiny has just crossed the 3 month mark! i am in disbelief and already grieving how fast its going. i love having a fresh one in my arms. it never gets old. my cup is full. i am grateful and content.
but i think i could have 10 more babies and pretty much feel the same. i love this season.

our first 8 weeks :: rough.  they were equally sweet and amazing. but mostly survival mode.
many people say 'oh, going from 3 to 4 is nothing' well . . . yes it's something.
there is a certain amount of chaos, noise and wildness that with 3 you're used to, so #4 just falls right in. but its another human who has needs and a baby, who's needs don't really wait for much.

there were more meltdowns and emotional crisis than this tired mommy felt equipped to deal with.
sitting and feeding a newborn with trains crashing down the stairs and toy buckets being dumped out and my phone ringing for showings wasn't exactly relaxing.
i bounced back and forth from feeling guilty i was spending hours feeding a baby to feeling overwhelmed that i couldn't meet the needs of my other tinys. i know the feeling. i have had it 2 other times, with the addition of Liam & Lucy. and the only things that begin to make it better are time and sleep, and lots of grace. somehow the grace thing isn't something i come by very easily.

so i feel as though the baby fog is lifting. sleep has returned, mostly, and our days have their normal 'rhythum' to them again. whew. i feel like i am present and accounted for. . until she starts teething or hits the next growth spurt!!

i was given a new camera lens for christmas!! so post bath today London and I decided it was time to break it in properly!!

 the lip : finally captured on camera!

another post coming later this week, tied to camp tiny & my new daily prayer rhythms!!!

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