09 November 2011

a quad

 “The prayers we weave into the matching of socks, the stirring of oatmeal, the reading of stories, they survive fire.” Ann Voskamp

I love the truth of this quote.
A promise for steadfastness in the mundane.
Being a mom is quite possibly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

I don’t have patience; I continue to learn patience thru parenting four tinys.
Every tiny meltdown or crazy mess is an opportunity for me to show self-control; and I don’t always make the most of that.
Every loss of self control is a chance to apologize, confess and talk about how even my own sin.
Every tiny lie and bad attitude is a chance for me to extend discipline in love; mend with the fruit of the spirit.

Being a mom is quite possibly the BEST thing I’ve ever done; and I am grateful that God has used parenting as a tool to show me how desperately I need HIM!! It’s a beautiful mess!

I love the pause that the arrival of a newborn brings.
even within the chaos of three other tinys.
I don’t have a problem saying no to things that come across our calendar; there is extra grace in drawing our family inward. and maybe its not really the grace of others as much its the freedom we give ourselves to not do it all. . . or maybe that’s just me. ….
I don’t have sadness over being semi hermit-like.
the mess I am already comfortable with just gets messy-er and I don’t care . . I just want to sit and hold a baby, and sleep, but holding a baby.

I really love the slow pace of it just being us. I believe its really how family is intended to live . . . unharried. unfrazzled. focused on growing. I mean we’re also focused on not going crazy. the adjustment of a new baby has manifested itself different in each tiny.

we had our first family dinner out last night:: chick-fil-a
we conveniently chose the booth next to the playroom so Andy and I could actually make eye contact and share a few words . .

so :: I finally have some shots of my 4 tinys together!!

Here’s another truth from Ann Voskamp
I love this !!
“The state of my space doesn’t mirror the state of my soul and Christ Himself was born in a barn.”
gives me that extra bit of freedom to love on tinys and leave the mess!! someday . . my house will be clean again and tiny toys will be off my floor and a part of me will be sad.


Elizabeth said...

amen to it all...
those pics of liam and london are breaking my heart...so presh...

Anonymous said...

love the first quote. thanks for the reminder:)

also, when did lucy start looking so much like andy? at least he can claim 1 of them!!

Grant "moose" Haun said...

Well said sis... you have a gift.