12 June 2011

touch a truck

seriously, mommy, i neeeeeed some ice cream. now!
i couldn't resist tinys 'wild woman' mop hair-do. trying to grow it out..means it stays messy!!!

this past weekend we went to 'touch a truck'!!!

there were police cars, tow trucks, jeeps, dump trucks, a semi, firetruck...no garbage truck or wall-e's as the tinys call them(diggers, dozers, graders). it was insanely hot, so while enamoured by the trucks, the tinys were equally excited about the ice cream truck in the middle of the parking lot!
we didn't stay for long. one sit on each truck. next year, we'll bring ear plugs..cause every little boy who climbed in a truck went straight for the horn! now multiply that by 12 BIG trucks!!

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