09 July 2011

all things salty!!!

Vacation is fuel for the soul!!
It's a break in routine, well, mostly it's just a scenery change with some of the same crazy from home. . .
We were blessed with a stay at a friends place, oceanside in florida. Just steps from sand it was beyond a gift!! With 3 tinys and clearing the 6 month mark pregnant the convenience made all the difference!

this was such a contrast to our vacation last summer, mostly just due to the stages the tinys were in.

it was refreshing!! a sweet memory for me has to be just sitting and watching the tinys play and dig and run in the sand. its the first time we've ever spent more than an hour on the beach without someone needing a snack or to go potty or have a melt down.

clearly i realize it will be another 3 years before we experience this moment quite like this again, with tiny #4 on the way ... and entering 'baby-dom' again.....
but i still treasure the sweetness of sitting with my toes in the sand, listening to the tinys laugh and play without a care in the world...well until we had an argument over shovels....

so i will spare you the 378 photos to took and pick some of my favorites.
we also surprised the tinys with a trip to Disney World...blog post to follow.

this week as we assume summer routine and camp tiny at home....i will miss vacation mode. i will miss that we watched fireworks over the ocean of the 4th, ate shrimp and crab-legs til our hearts content, dug holes in the sand, made drip castles, chased seagulls....soaked up all things salty!!

having them so close in age, we catch moments that it has its advantages....clearly i didn't photograph the ones where that back-fires.

this one has some very serious concentration when she builds a sand castle!!

liam's best Flynn Rider's 'smolder' (if you haven't seen tangled that won't make sense)

i got the 'stank-eye'

no lie, liam looked at this photo and said : "mommy is that you?"
my favorites

the week wouldn't have been as fun without our yaya..especially since she taught the tinys
little bunny foo foo in every 'accent' possible :: dinner time was never the same!!

my beach bums!!
evidence :: i really was there!!

last week when andy had a late meeting i took the kids to the playground. when he got home i asked liam to tell daddy what he did (monkey bars) liam says :: " daddy i took care of my girls tonight!!" this boy loves his sisters!!! which is great, because tiny#4 is a GIRL!!
our newest addition can't get here fast enough! and yes, her name will start with an 'L'.
he asks every day to hold her already!!! thankfully he has two amazing sisters who've paved the way!

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ashley said...

Love these pictures. (I am currently weeding through the 1800 we took over our vacation!) Congrats on another sweet girl. Liam will be the best protector when all the girls are older!!