12 June 2011

the new graduate

this past week Lillian graduated from Kindergarten!!!

A HUGE milestone.
we had a great year at our local public school. Lillian's teacher and teaching assistant were both believers and did an amazing job at loving on her class. It was such a great start to her school experience.

She rode the bus home on Fridays!
On the last day of school I could see mixed feelings on her face. We got to the car and she burst into tears. She was devastated that it was all over.

Over the course of the rest of our afternoon, she would say 'this is the worst day ever, mommy I am so sad about not going back to school!!" Even though she was sad I couldn't help but be grateful that God had completely answered our prayers for this to be a great year for her.

She made some sweet friends, a couple actually live in our neighborhood!! With a house still on the market, we may be still live her for her to start First Grade, or not. Regardless, she is really excited that a year from now, she will be joined at school by brother Liam!!

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