11 February 2011

dance with me

she has been looking forward to this day for several weeks.
the 'sweetheart' daddy daughter dance invitation came home from school
and was quickly elevated to front and center status on our fridge!!

today when she bounced off the bus she said; is it time mommy?
can i get ready for my date with daddy?
they go on dates, but the last couple of weeks she has been bursting at the seams for this one!!

so what girl doesn't primp for a date!!
no, i am not encouraging her to date. seriously-side note-we are avid parenthood watchers, you can catch on NBC; and i am gonna have raw knees from prayin thru a house full of teenagers!
help me jesus...
anyway...i really felt like it was so important for her to feel as adorable outside as she is inside!!! so we pulled out all the stops....high pampering!
bubble bath, blow dry, curlers, mani pedi wrapped in a robe!!
she even picked out jewelry...in addition to the ring and bracelet she drew from the treasure box at school!!

i love this girl. i love her excitement and preparation to spend the evening with the man she loves the most! i love what his love does to her heart!!!
she kept trying to figure out who of her friends were gonna be there
i think she was really excited to show off daddy!!

i know they are having an amazing time! the hubs will have to weigh in on his side of the story!
but i will never forget the pure joy in her eyes knowing she had daddy to herself tonight!
sure fills up my cup!!

waiting for the curlers to cool

now waitin for the nails to dry

probably my favorite series of her in a while
except that she looks so grown up already!

so excited for their 'la la' to go on a date with daddy!!

a week from now my sweet lillibug will be 6 whole years old!
next thursday is her birthday! yup, i am in disbelief.


Anonymous said...

This made me tear up! I love the daddy/daughter relationship. Thanks for sharing your pictures:)

The Rays said...

oh my!! i cannot believe how grown up she looks. :( beautiful pictures.