07 August 2009

to the hills

a much needed getaway.
we were so blessed to have a place to stay in the mountains..
and spontaneously vanished for several days
it was refreshing . life giving and relaxing..well as relaxing as anything can be with three tinys!!
we didn't get the camera out until one of the last days...
a picnic spot near the chimney's..grilled out lunch & played in the water

i mean....

'the foose'

liam: "ooo mommy, wook, big water"

so when can we go back!!???

hopefully soon .. we've talked about starting a new family tradition....car camping!!!

don't hate...car camping will have a new level of luxury the this famliy!

tent+air mattress+tinys+fleece+hotdogs+marshmallows+guitar+apple cider+campfire=our next adventure...

stay tuned!


jessica said...

oh you guys...you're amazing! xoxo

(and the word verification for this one is GNAULTRA. I think it means a serious commitment to gnawing something. or perhaps something like super poligrip, so your mandibular activities can be done in an ULTRA fashion)

Elizabeth said...

can we bring our car camping with you too??? sounds heavenly!