14 August 2009

the tiniest tiny :: turns one!

she's ONE!!!!
this past year has been . . . amazing!!
FULL of life and laughter
{and tears & meltdowns :: come on; there are three children under 5 in our house!!)

its been a year full of 'pause' moments

we will never forget looking those big curious eyes for the first time
wondering who this new tiny person was!!

lucy is a joy . she is still covered in squishy fabulous baby rolls
curiously observing & content to absorb the world as it comes to her!!
she brings laughter and noise and baby chaos to our house that for this season we wouldn't trade for anything!

surrounded by family and friends we laid our hands on her and andy prayed
for protection, guarding her sweet life, praise for her life & what a gift she is, for wisdom and discernment as we parent, for God to draw himself toward her and make himself known at an early age, for Him to even now prepare her heart for his purposes and call on her life!

lucy VS cupcake

big sister lillian did the honors of serving the birthday her treat

it took lillian & liam several minutes to warm up to their birthday treats . . .
lucy didn't hesitate

for the record, she ate every single bite
leg propped+icing smeared+belly full of yummy sugary goodness = happy birthday girl