07 August 2009

kids tri

think back to 'old school' pep rallys...
remember; in the gym, chaos, screaming, loud, unintelligable words over some lame sound sysytem that resembled the voice of charlie brown's mother....
well this was like that times ten!! hundreds of kids and parents
crammed into the aquatic center pool area.
kids lined up with numbers on their arms and legs designating their race number and age group.
this was for real....
the horn blew and the thunderous sound of tiny arms and legs flailing in the pool made us smile
we became 'that' parent or 'that friend' screaming and
passioinately cheering on these tiny athelets
for me, who is about to do my first sprint triathlon...i was awestruck..
by the smiles, and yet dedication of these tiny people
we were there to cheer on sorelle werner..this was her first race and she did an amazing job!!

liam obviously wasn't too amused

sela werner and lillibug...they share feburary birthdays..sela just two weeks before lilli
she was wide-eyed and watching big sister race!!

sorelle, warmed up and ready to race!!!
ryan giving his pep talk. . and letting her know that he and allyson were so proud of her no matter how she did..and that she was to have FUN!

i love that in the background of this picture you see allyson (mom)
and sela and lillibug cheering on sorelle as she blew by us on the bike!!!

these next few are blurry..but i couldn't help but post them...
lilli and liam and sela did a fun run after the kids tri..it was just a 100m or so..
one of my favorite things...about a race
no matter how you do there are always people there to cheer you on!!
the joy on their faces was priceless..even as tinys..they understand the joy of an accomplishment
they crossed the finish line and had us & a chick-fil-a cow standing there open armed!!..

i HEART this picture....she didn't care who had crossed the line before her...

it deserved a victory salute!!

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