18 August 2010

freshy to fun

you know when i was pregnant with Lillian everyone would say
"hold on tight, it goes by so quickly"
in that moment you 'hear' what is given as wisdom but aren't quite
prepared to heed it as intended :: at least i wasn't

because as a first time mommy i just couldn't wait
for each stage to arrive, to experience the 'firsts'
first time to hold her, first smile, first babble, first roll over, first steps, first 'ma-ma da-da'

but after 3 tinys and and life blurring by my heart is content in the moment :: soaking it up
and...you realize there are still so many firsts to come!

tiny was our most content baby!
slept thru the night at 7 weeks :: 3rd time around this was a gift!
she is so much fun, is our free spirit and has absolutely NO fear!
she's extremely tall for a 2yr old,
like Liam, she's currently in 110% percentile on the growth chart.
its fun to watch God grow her tiny heart and watch who He's made her to be!!

some of my favs of tiny
from freshy to now a fun-filled 2yr old!


tiny right after she was born


lucy 1 week


lucy 3 months


her royal chubbness




tiny 11 months


tiny 1 year


lucy 18months

tiny 2!

you are wonderfully made, tiny!!


1 comment:

jessica said...

in the final photo, she looks like Andy...