13 March 2010

one, two, three cups four, five cups for the birthday girl

a house full of tiny giggling girls all dressed 'fancy'

we sang i'm a little tea pot to let the 'tea fairies' out!
made a craft, ate fancy sandwiches, drank 'tea', and of course ate cupcakes.
they played hopscotch, and ya ya taught us button-button-whos-got-the-button!!

it was so fun to watch these tiny girls play and celebrate Lillian!

i am convinced that she was born in february
just so we could use peeps on the cupcake!!

our craft!! each girl made one with their own name!

lillibug insisted that she have christmas lights too!

my brambly hedge plates and cups from when i was a little girl!

my grandmother's gloves, napkins and tablecloth made this tea party extra special

"i'm a little tea pot"

foosey LOVED hopscotch!

yaya teaching us button-button-who's-got-the-button

adalyn . elle & lillian

maryn . kylie & sarah

sweet sisters sorelle and sela

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