13 March 2010

happy tummys :: happy tinys (1 of 3)

so start a conversation with me about exercise, fitness, or healthy eating and I'll talk your ear off. its something we have become extremely passionate about for ourselves and our tinys.
we've cut out most processed food, sugar and saturated fats.

the tough part means that, yes, without all that around i spend more time chopping, cutting, prepping, and mixing

i take seriously the responsibility of eating things in their purest form.
if i can create it from scratch i do.
i like food without junk in it, if we can't pronounce it :: we don't eat it

our pantry stays pretty empty with the exception of some canned beans, rice noodles, oatmeal, protein powder + cliff bars + lara bars.
the fridge however is bursting

i do have picky eaters, and our oldest has been having some tummy issues
so meal time can be really stressful
and not being a planner by nature, the less organized i am, the more chaos

so instead of folding and staying frustrated
this mommy is sucking it up and being more intentional

its no secret that I LOVE to be in the kitchen. love to eat healthy and get totally inspired by making something from random ingredients in my kitchen!
and even though it usually means more mess, the tinys love to help!

we do 90% of our grocery shopping at trader joes. price comparison for us its the best place that fits our budget and way we eat.

yes we still eat pizza, mac+cheese and an occasional Mcdonald's cheeseburger!
so . . . to be continued
i took some photos as we made some yummy muffins & mozzarella sticks :: that are full of goodness

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ashley said...

Arin, here's a fun recipe for you and your tinys...


You can take out the spice (jalapenos), and they're still just as good. We eat ours over spinach salad or a bed of yellow rice. So yummy!