20 January 2010

tiny love

random photos that i might be repeating
bad when you don't remember what you've blogged cause its been so long!

its been cold enough to enjoy a fire outside
tiny was fascinated!

liam has a fascination with the dryer!!
found him 'exploring'

lillibug goes to kindergarten this fall 2010!
this is her 2nd year of preschool :: this was on her first day of school last fall 2009!

liam boy isn't going to know what to do when she goes to school every day
every day when we pick the her up the two tinys giggle and scream her name from the car in absolute delight that she's back to play!!

Lucy has nicknamed Lillian 'La La'.
they have been sharing a room since late summer, 'La La' wakes up before Lucy but never leaves her up in the room alone. she opens her blinds and gets out some books and reads until I come to get them.

as crazy as life is with three of them so close together, there is such rich fruit in their friendships. its been such a blessing be home with them and watch
them have a genuine love for each other!

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