04 January 2010


Ok, so i've been a bad blogger, sorry

just had a thought as i was getting my daily "facebook fix"

Next month will mark a serious milestone for our family. On February 17th 2010, Lillian will turn 5, and it will mark the longest time we've gone un-pregnant since Spring 2004!!!
(that's almost 6 years) i have a friend name Jennie Ray, she inspired me to think about the fact; that like her, i didn't have a baby in 2009, and wasn't pregnant.

2004 pregnant with Lillian
2005 Lillian was born
2006 pregnant with Liam
2007 Liam was born
2007 pregnant with Lucy
2008 Lucy was born
so no, we do NOT have an announcement or any news to share!!!
we are so grateful for our three!
in fact my cup runneth over and over and over, multiple times a day!!!

more blogging to come
some cool christmas stories & things to share!
happy new year!

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