17 January 2009

fit for a princess. . . or two

high tea for two..or as these two call it....
elle bean was here today and the girls had a 'fancy' lunch
well, by fancy i mean fancy dishes....
the menu
hotdogs with ketsup 'dippies'
sliced cucumbers with ranch 'dippies'
blueberries & strawberries
chocolate milk
and a yogurt squeeze for dessert
these 2 are peas in a pod. . . bff
they boss each other around like little mommies...
they are both firstborn girls would you expect anything less!!
today was a 'pause' moment
watching these two
sweet bean. . i caught her mid-chew

oh to be tiny again and have a 'fancy' lunch with your best friend!

its the simplest things that make life the sweetest

these two made our afternoon! their uninhibited joy and love for one another is priceless

cheers to the bean & the bug!


Daily Domains said...

wow.... I love that ! Sweet friends... they will look back on that one day and LOVE it! Can't wait to have tea parties with Georgia!

sharon clark said...

omg. i love these girls. this is presh :)

jessica said...

so darling! thanks for sweet glimpses into your lives!