14 January 2009

the bug, the boy & tiny

maybe we should have named our kids names that have more syllabels
we have affectionately fallen into that category naming our kids with all the same first letter...and a sweet nickname
so here's to being the predictable cheesy parent that we said we'd NEVER become!
my fiesty-firey-passionate-drama-PRINCESS
she reminds me often that she is not a 'queen' she is not big enough yet to be a queen
mommy is a queen, she is still just a tiny princess; or tiny mommy to her younger siblings
our gigi likes to call this 'wild woman hair'
even though the rolls are evidence that she's really not that tiny..
she's still our tiny 'birdie'

'the boy'
this one speaks for itself

taylor man was here over new years to wrestle with our three! out for a change of scenery & a wagon ride at yaya & roos
lucy looks terrified that she's in liam's lap!!

all my tinys!!


The Ward Family said...

they are absolutely presh! YOU INSPIRE me to have more than one kiddo :) ha ! I wish Georgia and Lucy could grow up together- I know they would be best friends...

jessica said...

fantastico! (they're the cutest!)