13 October 2008


Lucy is 2 months old!!
we're coming out of the baby fog a bit!
beginning to feel a little like ourselves again. .
its amazing what a few nights of good sleep will do for a couple of tired parents!

Lucy had her 2 month check up today. .
she weighs 12lb 11 oz; she's gained 4lbs 7oz since she was born!!
The chub has arrived!
i love how squishy fat our babies get. . and fast!

the smiles and sweet baby noises make us so excited that
we're getting to know our sweet new little 'birdie'

my sweet lillibug who loves her baby sister

this smile was for daddy

Liam boy was sleeping when I snapped these photos. . .
so we didn't leave him out on purpose....
Andy left for Chicago today. .{deep breath}
he'll be gone until Thursday around dinner so if you come by and find me
in a straight jacket you'll know why!
we'll be keeping busy. . hopefully keeping our car trips anywhere to a minimum ..
Lucy still absolutely HATES her carseat. .
so even the tinyest of outings will make you were deaf!
we're hoping she out grows it in the next month!!


The Rays said...

wow. i cannot believe how she's grown!! we have to get together soon. she's just adorable!

Ben and Emily Wells said...

look at her! love the squishiness!!! adelaide doesn't like her carseat either (anymore), so who knows when we can get together. sheesh. good luck this week! luvs, em

nicolefiehler said...

how is she SO big? i'm not looking forward to how fast they grow!

The Ward Family said...

Lucy is so presh !!! She looks so much like Lillibug! I love her chubbs... the more rolls the better. love you and miss you all !!!

andreak said...

she is sooo adorable!
those big eyes are amazing!
and you do have such squishable babies!....i LOVE it

Purifoy Family said...

sweet, sweet!