22 September 2008

all our extra time!!!

so belated in new updates. its all the 'extra' time this mommy of 3 has! {smile}

here's a family update

IM BORDERING ON OVERPOSTING for this blog update...

LILLIAN DREW is doing great!!

still loves preshcool ..! still dressing up as a princess...andy was quick to remind me that i seem to have genetically passed on love of the 'wardrobe change'

....i was quick to deny it until i realized he was right. .

we laughed this week about our kids 'nicknames'. . we used to call lillibug 'stinky face'. . mostly because for the 1st 7 months of her life she spit up!!

. . .my sweet girl. . who is such a big helper and my little 'cooker'....love me some lillibug!


....is HUGE! and amazing!

i love having a baby boy smack in the middle of my girls!

he's 16months. .

he is ALL BOY and so tough. . . climbs and falls off of everything..mostly head first..

gets right back up and keeps going!

we've yet to cut his hair that is bordering on 'mullet-ish'. . but i can't bring myself to do it

i seriously could eat my liam boy on a spoon...a really big spoon.

i am so thankful God has made him strong and tender hearted


our furry baby

had to do a bella girl photo...realized i've never blogged about her

i have always love the 'idea' of a dog...we've had bella for 5 years..

but didn't realize how i totally despise cleaning up after a lab...
all dog hair aside she's a great dog!


so. . . i turned 30 this past week. a decade I'm completely looking forward to!

so do i feel 30. . ?! NO.

i do however feel . . .

grateful and thankful for all God has poured out in my life!

I am highly favored by a God who meets my needs so specifically!

I am thankful of God's portion he allows me of himself , his grace and his provision.

I do feel that turning 30 has given me a sense of 'renewal' and excitement for what lies ahead.

an awareness in this crazy, sweet, rich season in our life that is passing so quickly

I am jumping back into leading worship!! i've been on a brief hiatus... to have 2 babies!

I am so excited about it. its a place I truly meet the Lord in such an intimate way!

my hope is to start playing the piano again. . .


he'll have to blog about himself! not really.

andy's great. has recently been invited to join a local cycling team for next race season. . . something we're really excited about!


lucy is 6 weeks old!! she's such a yummy baby! minus the growth spurt feeding frenzies she is as laid back as our other two were! we're starting so see smiles and fat rolls!

'crazy baby eyes'


Amber Sloan said...

So sweet! Thanks for the updates on your family! I love being able to keep up, if only by blog.

The Ward Family said...

finally i get to see some more pics! MAKES ME HAPPY! your kids are amazing... so wish that we were close enough to grab a coffee and go for a walk. I sure do miss you--- and i KNOW the Lord will give us a strategy to visit soon! xoxox

Ben and Emily Wells said...

beautiful fam!

The Priddy family said...

Arin, those pictures are precious!!!!

Elizabeth said...

happy belated b-day girlfriend : )

jessica said...

so precious. love the kiddos. and the pics are lovely, of course...

notes from em said...

Such a sweet family! Happy birthday! 30 is a fun year for sure.
And as for the dog. We have a yellow lab, and all the hair was driving me insane.(she's an inside dog) Borderline neurotic, then a friend told me she had her lab shaved down to a number 7. Crazy I know, since lab hair is "short" in dog standards, but it made a TREMENDOUS difference! I am talking, I gave up some other things in life to fit a regular shave into our budget.
love to see your family!

Angie Miller said...

Happy birthday!!! 30 is awesome! Your babies are beautiful, of course. Let's pick a morning to get together...with all 6 of our kids!
love you,