26 October 2010

she rode the bus!!

so this was a big step!
Lillian was begging to ride the bus home.
she's one of the first stops so i agreed!!
it hasn't yet made an addition to our permanent school routine::
but she had a BLAST riding!!!

we walked to the bus stop :: liam was my big helper!

tiny was longing for nap time :: can you tell?

when the tinys spotted her they started squealing!!

so i'll pull the mommy card on this one :: revoke it if you'd like
this was one too many adjustments for this mommy.
i know i may be in a bit of denial that she's growing up
but we're hitting a pause on making this our 'normal'

lillian is LOVING kindergarten. she's excelling.
making new friends!!

i have to say one of my favorite things, in this still vulnerable state of childhood, is
picking her up from school :: being her first 'pit-stop' out of that world back into ours!
its also in those first moments in the car she bursts with joy about her day :: good and bad!

so for now, we are holding that 'first moment' captive!

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