16 June 2010

fresh squeezed lemonade

this week it has been so hot here in charlotte :: its just wrong
so with 3 tinys
5, 3 & almost 2 who have insane energy :: we have to get really creative!

we build forts, make multiple trips to the Y,
paint, pjs+popcorn & movies, play trains, read books,
dress-up & silly dance, hide&go seek...goes on and on

i've not yet been brave enough too be at our neighborhood pool with all 3, alone.
(hence the backyard baby pool)
we're in our first round of swim lessons at the Y, lillian first, liam in a week or so.
then i think with two confidently swimming we'll be prepared!

this summer isn't quite as challenging as last, however;
i'm realizing that every stage comes with new 'challenges'!!!
makin home-made lemonade outta lemons!!

we're doing our best to rise above those challenges
and make the best of it our 'lemonade moments'

and the mess they leave in their wake :: that's a whole 'nother blog post!!!
my daily motto :: if the house is messy, i was a good mommy today!
i know, not everyone can adopt it; i've never been good at tidyness; sorry mom!
we're gonna blame shift that one to my 'creative nature'
mess just seems to follow the tinys, and i've come to expect it, welcome it, live with it!

i know that someday in the not so distant future i won't be stepping on little plastic dalmations or miniature ponys or make a circuitous path to the kitchen to avoid permanent peril to my feet; things will be in their place again; and part of me will be sad!
its a stage, a sweet, messy one!
so for now :: play on

liam has this new face where he tries not to smile :: caught one

this week lillian has been at VBS at a local church up here by the lake
she's taken very seriously the theme
she is wearing my cowgirl skirt from :: 26 years ago

we've also been wee bit obsessed with Toy Story 2.
so the cowboy theme has taken to all the tinys!

love those sweet slate blue eyes!!!

tiny :: in her uniform :: diaper

'draw' mommy
lucy's favorite phrase lately :: "NO, mommy, no"
this one, is a special one, feisty to the core, a girl who knows what she wants :: already
i love it! there's no mistaking, she breaks the rule of laid-back third child!
we're recently bought arm floaties for tiny, lets just say she may have swim team in her future!

off to stir today's gallon of fresh-squeezed lemonade!

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ashley said...

Arin, I love these pictures and I love your philosophy: Messy House = Good Mommy Day. I think of that often. My "tiny" almost 7 month old has entered the stage where he can choose his own toys off his self. I love that he can have that freedom to make choices and leave a mess in his wake! Such happiness.