04 March 2009

how did we get here. . . .so fast??!!!

amazing how time flies when you're havin babies!!!
i cannot handle that we just celebrated
Lillian's 4th BIRTHDAY!!!
she's an amazing girl.
she has this precious tender sweet spirit...
along with fiesty, strong-willed, determined, out-spoken nature
we love her curiosity and imagination!!
its it such a blessing to watch her tiny heart be curious about who jesus is!
i am so excited to see what God has in store for our oldest tiny!!
lillibug. . who we love you so crazy much! you presh!

right before Lucy was born we started talking about Lillian's birthday. . . i asked her what she wanted...she said so matter of factly. .
'oh mommy i would like a violin'
this first one was a gracious gift from lillian's ya ya & roo!
this mommy & daddy have agreed to pay for the lessons!
i can't wait for the 'squeaky' sounds of her practicing!
....wonder how many times we'll hear twinkle twinkle little star!!
so this year . . yes she got what she asked for.....
andy and I feel very stronly about emersing our kids in all kinds of things. . .
art, music, sports.....we are excited to be their cheerleader in whatever they do!!
we were both blessed with parents who cheered us on on hundreds of activities!
fun to see which ones 'stick' with our kids!

our not too tiny presh!! is now 6 1/2 months old!! turning over
teething. . making herself heard above the chaos!!
she is amazing!
we also just had our inaugural sit in the highchair!!!
a milestone!
we're waiting for gerber to call {not really}
....this face is so worthy of a baby food jar...!!!
sweet wild - wide open liam boy
yes is still climbing to anything he can and would live outside if we let him!!
he and lillian have really started playing together. . .
one of the best things about having them close together!!!
they are sweet buddies!
i LOVE this expression on his face!!!


nicolefiehler said...

how has it been so long since i've seen your kids in person? sad...we need to make that happen soon!
i love lilli's violin...lucy's cheeks...and liam's "wings" :)

Lauren said...

i am in love, and slightly jealous, of liam's hair!! he is such a little heartbreaker!!

jessica said...

so darling... thanks for the update! you have the most precious kids! :)

The Priddy family said...

Arin, your babies make my heart melt. How precious are they??!!!