20 December 2008

just another saturday

saturday isn't what it used to be...sleeping in. . lazy day after a long week...
for us
its just another normal wild day in our house...this morning Andy was on a cycling team ride and i was holding down the fort...we played upstairs
while i attempted to put away some laundry..{ha}
lillian and liam played together ALL morning! so fun to hear them laugh at each other

this is liam's new face!!! i LOVE it!
lilli's version!!

there's something about being a girl that causes us to role play and play dress up at a very early age....the fun part is that when you are all grown-up;
instead of a hard plasitc baby doll i have a fat squishy chubbers REAL baby
i couldn't resist the tutu & pearls!

a fun morning with my babies

...bristle blocks, reading through a stack of books, matchbox cars, tu tus, pearls & all things tiny

even though i didn't get to sleep in. . .i at least am still in pajamas at 2:00pm!!

yeah for that!

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